“Venus and Serena”

Name of the Artist : Jupiter Lockett
Name of the Artwork : Venus and Serena
Size : 60 x 74
Medium : Acrylic on canvas

Jupiter Lockett
Jupiter Lockett is a contemporary abstract artist who currently resides in Sacramento California.
His work is created to make the viewer feel comfortable and uneasy at the same time. Focusing
on beings who are daily ostracized; while giving light to the humanity of dark skinned people, who
originate from Africa. Capturing the essence from the figures on canvas, through a child’s
perspective. Reminding the viewer of the innocence, that Black Americans are robbed of daily.
The imagery in his paintings evokes a reminder, that no matter the form of suppression, beauty
and power cannot be taken away.
His goal as an artist is not to make the viewer like him, but to make them see the world through a
pair of eyes that will convict the ignorance humanity has been taught. With an international artist
residency in France, at Chateau d’Orquevaux under his belt, Jupiter is gearing up for his second
and third residencies in September and October of 2022 at the Imago Artist Residency in
Tsarimir, Bulgaria, and the SkopArt Residency in Skopelos, Greece.