“Portrait of Uche”

Name of the Artist : Chiderah Bosah
Name of the Artwork : Portrait of Uche
Size : 25 x 25
Medium : Oil on canvas

Chiderah Bosah
Chiderah Bosah is a self taught contemporary artist who discovered his passion at a young age by
replicating, with pencil on paper, any figures he found in books and comics. This early interest in
art eventually metamorphosed into a full-fledged career for this Port-Harcourt based artist.
Growing up in Nigeria, he experienced a narrative that is common of most Africans. Bosah feels a
responsibility to communicate his everyday experiences: the struggles and blessings. This longstanding
desire thereby transitioned him from merely commissioning portraits in his early career
to finding purpose for his art and using it as an outlet to express himself. Through his art he brings
a voice to the people in his community.
Bosah’s genre of art spans across figurative representation, simplified realism and portraiture,
employing them as a means to depict the resilient lives of Africans in the motherland. The
singularity in Chiderah’s style of painting is the pronounced use of calm and pale hues to
consummate his peculiar niche.
Bosah’s works have been exhibited across Africa, Europe and the United States.