Lawless Reflections

Opening August 26 2021 | Los Angeles


Arushi Kapoor is pleased to present ‘LAWLESS REFLECTIONS’ an exhibition by contemporary artist Lindsay Dawn at ARUSHI in Los Angeles. Featuring a body of work that focuses on introspection, rumination, and the artist’s journey beginning in the subconscious as it translates to the physical realm.

Lindsay’s paintings have attributes that directly represent the complexity and beauty of the human experience and its candid relationship with the female form. Refusing to limit herself to a single style while staying true to her crux, we continually see Lindsay incorporate a variety of mediums on canvas and paper. Along with her interpretation of ones identity, when starting a new piece, she draws from emotional resonance in memories of conversations, music, and material objects.

‘LAWLESS REFLECTIONS’ is a journey through Lindsay’s process of deep self reflection from an unrestricted, egoless perspective. The intention behind this collection is for the viewer to emphasize the importance of observing the relationship between their innermost self and how deeply rooted aspects, and experiences, translate to the innumerable layers of ones personality.