Name of the Artist : LINZ
Name of the Artwork : IN:KALA
Size : 48 x 60
Medium : Acrylic on canvas

LINZ has become a mogul in the social media marketing world. Through her creative initiatives and memorable
moments, Lindsey has completely changed how influencer, social media and the overall culture is perceived.
Her first business. “VAMPPED.” specializes in curating one-of-a-kind events, strategic planning for brands in the market space, world-class content public relations, and representing top digital talent with far-reaching online audiences.
LINZ constantly is trying to create the next best idea, placing her one step ahead of the rest and she succeeds
expectations every time. The idea for “VAMPPED.” was to make it a community and a place for long lasting
friendships, proving that although this can be a very toxic industry at times, you don’t need to fall into disingenuous practices.
In the last seven years, VAMPPED. has become one of the most recognizable agencies to hit the space and continues to be the most outspoken, biggest noise making agency out there.