“Hassana on Date”

Name of the Artist : Rufai Zakari
Name of the Artwork : Hassana on Date
Size : 40 x 40.5
Medium : Recycled plastic

Rufai Zakari
Rufai Zakari hails from Bawku in the Upper Region of Ghana. He graduated from
the Ghanatta College of Art and Design in 2011. Zakari examines consumerism,
environmental pollution, labour, trade, and the perils of industrialization in
contemporary Ghanian Society. Conscious of the environmental emergency, his
work is made of fragments of recycled plastic, presented in a local and urban
aesthetic, featuring elegant and fashionable figures. Similar to photography, he
brings to light individuals that he is familiar with or that he crosses paths with in his
community or elsewhere. Rufai extracts them from their tiresome daily context and
repositions them in an explosion of colors, striking forceful poses, inspired
simultaneously by daily gestures and fashion photography.
In search of creative solutions to solve environmental problems, he works with
single-use plastics, such as plastic bags, water sachets, and food packaging
collected from the streets of his home country Ghana to suggest the renewal of
Ghanain society.