Roger James at The Artist Tree West Hollywood LA

April 10- June 10, 2021


One of the most profound attributes of fine art is its ability to transform a space. Displaying an artist’s creation on a blank wall or in an empty room provides a window into an artist’s mind and soul, welcoming us to view and explore the artist’s perspective. Art is open to personal interpretation and affects how we experience the world around us. We founded The Artist Tree on this core principle because art, like cannabis, invites creativity and introspection. As one of the few exhibition spaces currently open in Los Angeles, we take great pride in providing a unique venue for artists to display their work and comment on current events. 


The Artist Tree Marijuana Dispensary and Delivery in West Hollywood is currently exhibiting and celebrating fine art by Los Angeles-based artist Roger James. A self-taught artist and visual philosopher specializing in abstract expressionist contemporary art, Roger’s artwork is influenced by his work in the fashion industry. An acrylic and mixed media artist, Roger works primarily on canvas revealing flexibility in thoughts, chaotic forms, vigorous hues, and intentional toughness. Roger sees the beauty in an imperfect, psychedelic world. He explained that his art is “the amalgam of several colors is like notes in classical music. There is deep meaning, but that depends on your interpretation.”

The Dragon’s Kiss

Frolic Rainbow Dolphin

The Temptation of Eve

The Last Word of Summer