Lindsay Dawn at ARUSHI Downtown, LA

Lindsay Dawn is a Canadian artist best known for her two primary styles of work. One being, portraits, that use the face as the focal point, and secondly her depiction of the female body that is often combined with abstract, and street art essences. Dawn produces work in a variety of mediums from oil, acrylic, airbrush, and spray paint to pastel, marker, and pencil while primarily working on canvas. 

Moving to America at the age of 19, Dawn took the first step to bring her dream of being a successful artist to life. She moved to Los Angeles and has since divided her time between LA and Miami with her only focus being creating using whatever medium feeds her soul the most at that given time. Fast forward 6 years later and Dawn’s work can be found in the collections of many people around the world. In the midst of being commissioned for her prestige portraits and spending most of her time trying to master portraiture, she has remained focused on creating pieces that allow her to fully express herself and her vision.  

After the loss of her mother in 2020, we start to see her dive deeper into her freely creative nature, constantly creating a space to explore the inner depth, complexity and beauty of the human spirit through that initial depiction of the female body — refusing to limit herself to a single style of painting, we continually see Dawn incorporate the influences of her biggest inspirations, using different styles, she creates balance and harmony within the chaos on each canvas she touches. 

“The female body? Well its the most relatable image in the world and the origin of where we all begin — but as beautiful and versatile as the surface is, alike many things in life, the true magic is what lies inside. I want to remind people of this truth through my paintings. To explore the depth of the spirit, starting where each of us come from — the woman’s body.”

— Lindsay Dawn