“Diamond F”

Name of the Artist : Idris Habib
Name of the Artwork : Diamond F
Size : 24 x 32
Medium : Acrylic, pencil, and plastic on canvas NFS

Idris Habib
Idris Habib, (AKA Sir Idris) is a unique artist whose work culminates an obvious sense of culture,
vibrant colors, bold contemporary flair and a majestic texture. His approach is one of genuine
expressionism. The work can range from images depicting his deep relationship and passion for
music and its influence, emotion, spirituality and the socio-political aspects of humanism and
Provocative and bold, his approach in creating exemplifies an artist who is immersed in the
process and truly uses art as a therapy and vehicle to convey his innermost thoughts and beliefs.
His work is powerful and engaging.
Self-taught, the world is indeed a classroom in which he drew his inspiration, labeling himself a
“citizen of the World”. Born in Accra, Ghana, Idris grew up in the Bronx and did most of schooling
here New York. Traveling often since childhood, he was influenced by African arts, street art, to
galleries and museums in Europe, and here in the states. Idris have been practicing art
“professionally” for about 12 years now. He drew, made sketches, and painted as a child to calm
himself down as kid with high energy, his practice of art is and has always been more of therapy
and now a mean to show the beauty of his people. In addition to the artwork, he has always been
motivated by a challenge.
This is evident in his sense of adventure and experimentation with various mediums and diverse
approaches to application, often using his hands and fingers, rather than traditional brush strokes
to obtain a desired effect. Therefore, allowing the paint to dictate where it would end up and how
it would react in combination with the concept, tone and emotional climate of a particular piece.
Playful in nature, in addition to being audacious, he allows a sense of freedom to exist, letting the
inner-child have its way with the canvas or whatever he finds useful. By doing this, true creativity
and exploratory forms emerge.
His dynamic range of work reflects expressionistic and contemporary styles, in addition to creating
Pop Art. He is deemed an “experimental artist”, often incorporating mixed-media objects, using
discarded elements from New York City streets. He recycles, re-imagines and repurposes items,
giving them new meanings through his creations. This illustrates inspiration and vision can be
pulled from anywhere. Objects such as records, gold or silver leafing, in addition to metal or fabric
are just some of the selected items used to create cohesive, conceptual work.
There is a vivid play on culture and iconic imagery and figures, as seen in his paintings. Concepts
such as spirituality and what constitutes belief systems, religion and systematic or orthodox
thoughts are other primary ideas illustrated in his work. His stimulating colors, composition and
subject matter are exciting visually and theoretically. His goal is to inspire people through art. The
best way to accomplish this is to create opportunities for his work to be shown, nationally and
internationally. The objective is to find proper exhibition spaces and art communities that respect
and reflect his style of work, creativity, expressionism and imagination.