“Colorful Landscape”

Name of the Artist : Lindsey Nobel
Name of the Artwork : Colorful Landscape
Size : 17 x 80
Medium : Acrylic and oil on canvas

Lindsey Nobel
Lindsey Nobel’s work explores the unseen and subliminal connections that bind
human beings together through advanced technologies pervasive throughout
modern society. Ironically, even though we are more connected than ever before, we
have grown more alone and divided than ever before.
Her collections seek to investigate this juxtaposition and invite the viewer closer to
better understand this hidden language. She relies on our desires for connection,
touch, spirituality and seduction to dig deeper into our shared consciousness. This is
reflected in her work as something that she refers to as “Neurons,” which depict
these intersections with the human nervous system.
The aesthetic practice she employs is a combination of abstract expressionism
rooted in the principles of minimalism.
For her paintings she utilizes oil, acrylic, ink, resin, coffee or pen on canvas, masonite
or wood panels. Mixed media is incorporated in select paintings, photography and
sculptures. In addition, a 50cc syringe is uniquely employed to eject paint onto
canvas instead of brushes for the ejection series of paintings. Her influences are first
and foremost everything she sees, hears, tastes, feels and experiences. People she
has met and yet to meet continuously inspire and enlighten the creative fire within