Beyong his Streets by Sellout, Mayfair Gallery, London

September 9- October 9th, 2021

‘ARUSHI’ is pleased ‘STREET DREAMS’ by Los Angeles street artist SELLOUT. Featuring a body that focuses on what makes London an innovator of art and culture. The works showcase everything from icons, food to history, architecture and design that takes the viewer through an inspirational tour of the city.
This body of work was produced with studied innuendos that
depicted what London, an icon in the street art world, meant to the artist and a his environ. Sellout adapted, revisited each piece several times in order to pay homage to the style and culture of London. The artworks are a natural amalgam of his illustrious career as a street artist and his recent decent to bringing his art to the galleries and collectors’ homes .
Sellout cities “London has always seemed like a dream, a place where street artists go to enter the next level, a Shangri La of sorts ”.